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Programmable low-EMI crystal oscillator

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia, has launched the SG-9001, claimed to be the industry's first programmable low-EMI crystal oscillator.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) does not concern most digital systems designers. They typically leave emission reduction to the highly specialised EMC (electromagnetic conformance) engineers who use filters, shielded boxes, de-coupling, ground planes and ferrite beads to cage the EMI demons.

These techniques add weight, complexity and cost to the end product. Additionally these costs occur at the end of the product development cycle, being the most expensive place to add such costs.

With the trend of lower operating voltage, higher carrier frequency and narrower bandwidth, the EMI suppression becomes less effective and costly, unless the EMI is controlled at its source.

In response to this demand Epson developed the SG-9001 series, the industry's first compact programmable crystal oscillator with built-in spread spectrum ("SS") function that reduces the emissions at the cause, the clock oscillator itself.

In these oscillators the frequency is spread over the specified frequency band by the SS function and the peak value of the energy is lowered, thereby helping to achieve low EMI.

These oscillators are already available for shipping in both sample and volume quantities.

Features include:

* Built-in SS function that reduces EMI.

* Programmable output frequency and spread percentage.

* Selectable centre spread and down spread.

* Short delivery lead-times enabled by programmability.

* Available in either a CA type or JC type package.

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