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article image Epson’s first 3D mobiles Graphics Engine, the S1D13721

EPSON, represented by TE Australia ,has released the S1D13721, an LCD Controller, designed with 3D graphics support for digital video in mobile products.

Over the last year an increasing number of new mobile phones have been equipped with a camera sensor. This creates possibilities for applications like photo imaging, video recording and video conferencing. It is now expected that soon the manufacturers and designers of mobile phones will target the gaming market as the next step. But gaming applications have even higher graphical system requirements than imaging or video applications.

The S1D13721 contains a 2D/3D engine, integrated dual port camera interface, hardware JPEG encoder/decoder and can be interfaced to an external MPEG codec.

Compatible with both direct and indirect CPU interfaces, it provides support for up to two LCD panels. The LCD controller supports all standard TFT panel types and many extended TFT types, eliminating the need for an external timing control IC.

The S1D13721 embeds 512kb of SRAM and provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets requiring digital video, and 3D gaming, such as mobile communications devices and palm-sized PCs.

Additionally, products requiring a rotated display can take advantage of the SwivelView feature, which provides hardware rotation of the display memory transparent to the software application. The S1D13721 also provides support for "Picture-in-Picture Plus", a variable size window with overlay functions. Higher performance is provided by the FGP compatible 2D/3D Hardware Acceleration Engine.

The S1D13721 provides support for cellular and other mobile products requiring a 3D graphics solution and digital video support. However, its impartiality to CPU type or operating system makes suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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