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LVDS-output high-stability SAW oscillators

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has added a pair of LVDS output oscillators, the EG-2121CA-L (2.5V operation) and the EG-2102CA-L (3.3V operation), to its existing line of PECL output SAW oscillators, the Q3805CA (EG-2121CA-P) series (2.5V operation) and Q3806CA (EG-2102CA-P) series (3.3V operation).

In addition to LVDS output, the new oscillators feature higher duty cycle stability, facilitating circuit design. Both oscillators are currently available in production quantities.

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) is an interface for transmitting low-amplitude signals at low power consumption and high speeds. LVDS emits less electromagnetic interference (EMI) and consumes less power than other interface standards.

Features include:

* LVDS output suited to high frequencies.

* High-stability SAW: 50% improvement in thermal characteristics.

* High-stability duty cycle: ±2% (53.125 to 175MHz, option).

* Low jitter.

* Low-voltage operation.

* Completely lead-free product.

* Small package.

Applications include communications and other equipment using serial-ATA, fibre channel, PCI-Express, Ethernet, Hyper-transport, IEEE1394b, or other high-speed serial communications.

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