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LCD control for cellular phones with cameras

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has developed the S1D13710 and S1D13712 LCD-controllers for cellular phones and PDAs equipped with cameras.

In addition to their conventional LCD controller capability - receive instructions from the CPU, change text and image data into LCD pixel data, and send them to the LCD panel - these controllers contain a built-in JPEG circuit, a camera interface, and main LCD and substitute LCD interfaces.

The LCD controllers can display images and process photograph data quickly and have the following advantages:

* Burden on baseband CPUs is sharply reduced (because image processing in cellular phones with cameras places a heavy burden on baseband CPUs, there has been a tendency for slow response when displaying images and processing photograph data (JPEG form).

* LCD controllers are hardware based, meaning that response speed is quicker and power consumption lower compared to when application processors are used on the same operation frequency.

* Cellular phones with cameras can be developed cheaply and easily.

Samples are available. Epson is aiming at a monthly volume production output of two million units by March 2003, after which output will continue to rise steadily.

With the functions of camera-equipped cellular phones expected to increase, Epson is aiming to achieve top market share with its new LCD controller products.

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