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High-speed MCU for portable equipment

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EPSON Electronics, represented by TE Australia , has launched the S1C33209 for portable equipment.

The S1C33209 is based on EPSON's 32-bit C33 RISC core, 8kB RAM, 4-channel SIO, 10-bit A/D converter, various timers, a PLL and other circuits.

The microcomputer has a 24-bit external address bus and supports SRAM, DRAM or Burst ROM memories with a total of 256MB.

Up to seven external devices can be mapped directly into the memory space using dedicated chip select signals.

Optimised for battery-driven applications, the S1C33209 offers very low power operation in run and sleep mode, enabling long stand-by and operating times for mobile equipment requiring high computing power.

It also provides DSP functionality using the internal MAC (multiplication and accumulation) instruction.

With the built-in 10-bit A/D converter and software PWM audio output (equivalent to a 10-bit DAC), speech recognition and voice synthesis systems can be realised.

EPSON provides third-party software libraries for very simple integration of high performance speech functionality into its customer programs.

A single language text-to-speech system that is capable of speaking character strings runs from as little as 64kB ROM and 8kB RAM (e.g. speaking dictionaries with a limited number of words) to 256kB ROM and 8kB RAM (unlimited number of words).

Epson third-party Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) software can detect up to 1000 words. The algorithms used in the recognition software offer very high detection accuracy without the need for training by the user.

Typical applications for speech functionality are voice-controlled telephones, speaking dictionaries, language learning devices and navigation systems.

Additional middleware is available for graphic functions, sound output and file system support.

The development environment for the S1C33209 includes a C-compiler, in-circuit emulator and debugger and various evaluation and extension boards.

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