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High-frequency quartz oscillators

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article image Beyond 100MHz bandwidth.

EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has developed the EG-2021CA and EG-2011CA ultra-compact quartz oscillators, which operate at 2.5V and 1.8V respectively and are intended for high-speed serial transfer applications such as PCI-Express.

Both of these new oscillators go beyond the 100MHz bandwidth, and feature superb low jitter characteristics and high reliability.

With the ongoing miniaturisation of semiconductor fabrication processes, advances in low-voltage clock devices are also expected as core voltage levels continue to be lowered, and these new devices answer these trends as the industry's first products that combine low current consumption with high-frequency output.

These new devices include EPSON's high-precision SAW resonator (featuring a 50% improvement in temperature characteristics compared to previous models), along with a newly developed IC in a ceramic package, and both devices support a wide frequency range (62.5 to 170MHz).

EPSON has employed a quartz-based SAW resonator and proprietary coating technology to resolve previous problems such as unstable oscillation due to AT-based overtones during low-voltage oscillation, as well as faulty oscillation or poor impact resistance caused by problems such as spurious signals, temperature dip, or contamination that can occur in high-frequency oscillators.

These advances will make it easier to accelerate the next generation of interface standards.

Suggested applications include:

* Clock device for increasingly fast serial bus standards, such as PCI-Express, Serial-ATA, and Hyper transport.

* Clock device for high-speed serial communication (IEEE1394b, Ethernet, fibre channel, etc.)

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