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Dry cell fluid leak detector

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has developed the S1F77600, a detector IC suitable for the prevention of dry cell fluid leakage.

The prevention of dry cell fluid leakage in battery-driven products is an important issue. Standard voltage-detection power supply ICs are an imperfect solution as their output doesn`t work stable at very low voltages.

EPSON has developed the low-current S1F77600, a voltage detector which guarantees stable output even when the supply voltage is close to GND level.

The S1F77600 is best suited for portable products used to prevent liquid leakage of a dry cell by detecting the voltage of the power supply of two cells in series.

When the voltage drops below the detection level, an open drain output is generated. The output signal is used to shut down the system and thereby fluid leakage by discharging is prevented.

With the S1F77600, Epson is targeting a wide variety of products, concentrating on small devices that use dry cell batteries, including remote controllers for household appliances, clocks and watches or portable game devices.

The S1F77600 is available in sample and production quantities. The packages are SOT89-3pin.

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