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Dry cell battery leakage detector

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SEIKO Epson Corporation, represented by TE Australia , has developed and released the S1F77600, a detector IC ideal for the prevention of dry battery cell leakage.

For the application of this detector Epson is targeting a wide variety of products, concentrating on small devices that use dry cell batteries, including remote controllers for household appliances, clocks and watches, and portable game devices.

Battery leakage has become an important issue with products that run on dry cell batteries. To date, voltage detection LSIs (or "detector") have typically been used for preventing battery leakage.

However, such detectors become unstable at low voltages, making them an unreliable solution. This has created a demand for a more complete solution in place of the current detector.

In response, Epson has developed the new S1F77600, a detector with low current requirements that is guaranteed to work at low voltages.

This detector prevents leaks by using a high impedance output signal when voltage dips below the detection level, thereby stopping any further electric discharge from the dry cell batteries.

Product characteristics:

• Voltage drop detection for dry cell 2-cell series power supply.

• Low voltage operation, guaranteed output at current of as low as 0V.

• Highly accurate, low consumption current.

• Highly precision voltage detection renders adjustments unnecessary.

• Internally equipped with standard voltage circuit, comparator, voltage detection resistance, histeresis circuit, output assurance circuit (output control Hi-Z), etc.

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