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Colour driver on a single chip

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has developed the STN colour LCD driver S1D15G00 as a solution to the demand for smaller size and lower power consumption in the cellular phone market.

This LCD driver IC can drive colour STN panels with 132 x RGB x 160 dots at 4096 colours on a single chip while using its MLS (multi line selection) method to drive the display with a maximum duty cycle of 1/160.

This driving scheme supports the feature of high contrast ratios as well as ‘partial display mode’ which is the key to a very low power consuming LCD.

Compared with previous two-chip solutions, it enables lateral symmetry structure and smaller LCD module size, contributing to greater flexibility in the design process.

External parts are mounted on an FPC (flexible printed circuit board) using TCM (tape carrier module) assembly technology to reduce the number of connections to the main circuit board. Samples of the S1D15G00 are already available.

Features include:

· Possibility to drive a colour STN LCD with max 132 x RGB x 160 dots at 4096 colours on a single chip.

· MLS driving method.

· Supports partial display modes.

· Lateral-symmetry and smaller-size LCD module can be realised.

· Built-in VRAM.

· Built-in power supply circuit incl. contrast control.

· Incorporating external parts on a FPC using TCM assembly technology.

· 1.8V interface possible.

· Extreme low power consumption.

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