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Card-PC with ultra-low voltage processor

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EPSON, represented by TE Australia , has released the CARD-PCI/CEL series based on the Celeron processor platform from Intel.

With advances in system functionality and display resolutions, demand has increased for Card-PCs equipped with CPUs that are more powerful than those provided by Card-PC series primary applications. In response, EPSON developed the CARD-PCI/CEL series with an ultra-low voltage Intel Celeron processor providing high performance.

There are six models in the new CARD-PC series range. Each model is configured using different operating clock speeds and main memory combinations.

With mechanical dimensions of 117.8 x 74.2 x 27.5mm, the unit offers a compact solution for high integration technology.

The EASI-II connector interface ensures the CARD-PCI/CEL series will be pin compatible with the currently available CARD-PCI/GX1+ 300MHz.

The CARD-PCI/CEL 400MHz features low-power consumption at around 5.8W.

The high heat dissipation board design enables the low power CPU to rapidly reduce the surface temperature, eliminating the need for active cooling.

Full-featured operating systems and application software such as Windows XP Embedded and 3D graphics are supported. The CARD-PCI/CEL series is compatible with Microsoft Windows95/98/NT, WindowsCE versions, Windows NT, WindowsCE.NET, and WindowsXP operating systems.

CARD-PCI/CEL 400MHz models are available with 64MB, 128MB and 256MB SDRAM.

Documentation and development tools are available for technical support, as is a ROM adaptation kit.

The EPSON CARD-PCI/CEL 400MHz is suitable for factory automation systems, measurement instruments or multi-media equipment.

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