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32-bit MCU with colour LCD controller

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EPSON Electronics, represented by TE Australia , has introduced the S1C33L03 32-bit MCU with built-in LCD controller.

The S1C33L03 is a microcomputer composed of Epson's 32-bit C33 RISC core, 8kB RAM, 4-channel SIO, 10-bit A/D converter, various timers, a PLL and other circuits.

The outstanding feature of the S1C33L03 is its built-in Epson LCD controller which supports monochrome and colour LCD displays, both passive and active, with a resolution of up to 640 x 480 pixels (available also as single chip S1D13705).

External SDRAM, SRAM, DRAM or Burst ROM memory can be attached to the microcontroller through an address/data bus with dedicated chip select signals.

Up to seven peripherals can be mapped directly into the memory space.

The C33 core provides DSP functionality using the internal MAC (multiplication and accumulation) instruction. This feature enables fast processing of algorithms typically required by multimedia applications.

The integration of the Epson S1D13705 LCD controller offers a low-cost, small footprint and high performance solution for hand-held devices, PDA equipment and medium capacity display systems.

Optimised for battery-driven applications, the S1C33L03 offers very low power operation in run and sleep mode, enabling long stand-by and operating times for mobile equipment.

With the flexible memory expansion scheme, the system capacity can be scaled according to the application requirements.

With the built-in 10-bit A/D converter and software PWM audio output (equivalent to a 10-bit DAC), speech recognition and voice synthesis systems can be realised.

Epson provides third-party software libraries for very simple integration of high performance speech functionality into customer programs.

The development environment for the S1C33L03 includes a C compiler and an easy to use in-circuit-debugger that enables developers to debug the code in the target system.

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