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27/10/04 - EPSON has released the S1D13721, an LCD Controller, designed with 3D graphics support for digital video in mobile products.
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05/10/04 - EPSON has developed a single-chip global positioning system (GPS) module whose size and high sensitivity (-160 dBm max.) make it suitable for use in mobile handsets equipped with built-in GPS support.
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23/08/04 - EPSON has developed a new series of Bluetooth baseband ICs. The two ICs in the S1S11020F series feature built-in hands-free, headset, and mouse applications. The S1S11020F series complies with the Bluetooth v1.1 specification.
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30/06/04 - EPSON has released the RX-8025SA/NB I2C-bus interface-compliant real time clock.
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