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Feltes portable aluminium gantry cranes

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German designed Feltes portable aluminium gantry cranes, from TC Hasemer  offer a portable lifting solution. Lightweight but strong, these portable gantry cranes can be fully disassembled.

They are easily transportable and be reassembled in just five minutes. The aluminium beams range from two to five metres (for load capacities up to 1,500 kg) and six metres (for load capacities up to 1,000 kg).              

Feltes portable aluminium gantry cranes are available in three models:  

  • Quick Mounting Static Gantry Crane - This model has a lifting capacity of 1,500 kg. It has non-collapsible side frames and is available in 2 heights - Standard (3.0m under trolley) and Mini (2.1m under trolley).  
  • Quick Mounting Folding Gantry Crane - This model is easy to move, transport and store, as it has collapsible lateral stands. It comes in three sizes: Mini (2.1m under trolley), Standard (3.0m under trolley), and Maxi (4.0m under trolley)    
  • Moveable aluminium gantry crane - This model has all the benefits of the other two Portable Gantry Cranes, but is also fitted with wheels so it can be moved under load (up to 1,000 kg).
Accessories for Feltes portable aluminium gantry cranes:  

An optional wall bracket can add support to one end of the crane. Applications may include positioning the crane over a door or access area. The wall bracket allows for limited swivelling of the crane.  Also, all models are available with a horizontal adjuster. This makes it possible to insert a support before the end of the carrier beam and means the length of the slide can be altered, for example, when space is limited. When used on these models one of the stands becomes moveable.

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