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Water jet cutting services available from T&H Sheetmetal

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T&H Sheetmetal (Water Cutting Services) provides quality cnc water jet cutting services based in Brisbane. The advantages of water jet cutting are the degree of accuracy and clean cuts, the results are within a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm.

Another advantage of water jet cutting is that there is no heat involved which means there is no heat stress or burn marks, ideal for powder coated products and plastics.

With a water cutting facility well established T&H Sheetmetal are able to design and water cut an extensive range of products using Sheetmetal water cutting machine.

Water cutters have the versatility to be able to water cut a large range of materials which include stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, tooling steel, nickel, titanium, brass, marble, glass, tile, granite, timber, rubber, gasket etc.

The sizes of material that can be water cut is up to 4000mm x 1500mm sheet size by an amazing 100mm thick. This type of cutting can be achieved by utilising water and a fine abrasive at 55000psi.

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