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Protective bellows from T.E.A Transmissions

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Protective bellows, available from T.E.A Transmissions , prolong the life of machinery and protect the people who operate them from personal damage.  They are designed and manufactured to enhance productivity and reduce work place hazards by shielding employees and their environment from machine generated debris. 

Machinery is exposed to various containments throughout everyday operation, such as harmful abrasive machine particles, dust, debris, cutting fluid, humidity, acidic vapours and many other impinging particles, all of which can cause unnecessary downtime and early replacement of damaged components. There is comprehensive range of protective bellows available to suit almost every application. The range includes sewn, folding, moulded, box and polygonal bellows. T.E.A Transmissions also have a range of telescopic steel covers, steel / stainless steel spirals and roller / apron covers to complete their range.

Most of the above range is available in a wide variety of materials to accommodate all operating conditions, applications and types of construction. On top of this extensive range of standard or custom protective bellow options there are also a range of accessories such as zippers, stiffeners, breathing vents for sealed covers, tie straps, tie wires, internal shaft guides / inserts for ball screw application and a range of special coating to enable use in demanding temperature ranges (-37° to 260°) or to offer a better resistance to harsh chemicals.

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