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T.E.A. Transmissions  provides Precision universal joints. The universal joints and telescopic shafts are indispensable and versatile components for transmitting rotary motion between two shafts that may be misaligned.

Depending on its design, an universal joint can accommodate a large angular variation between its input and output.

The maximum working angle for single joints is 45° and 90° for double joints, with even more motion versatility offered by a telescopic extendable joint.

When two shafts are at an angle other than 180° (in-line), the driven shaft does not rotate with constant angular speed in relation to the drive shaft.
The greater the deflection angle, the greater the non uniformity of the rotating motion. For this reason, single universal joints are only used when variable rotary motion is permissible.

The non uniformity of motion can be compensated by using two single universal joints in sequence or by using a double universal joint.

The T.E.A. friction bearing universal joints, in steel or stainless steel, are capable of speeds up to 1000rpm. While maintenance free needle bearing joints, available in steel only, are capable of speeds up to 4000rpm.

Both of the above series are available in single, double or telescopic designs. Special joints can be manufactured to drawings to comply with more complex design requirements.

Protective bellows extend the life of universal joints by preventing the ingress of dust, humidity and acidic vapours. The bellow can also be filled with grease to achieve life long lubrication.

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