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New Nozdrive linear actuators available at T.E.A. Transmissions

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A new level of performance has been reached using trapezoidal screws and nuts, with the new Nozdrive linear actuator from T.E.A. Transmissions .

The Nozdrive linear actuator is based on a rolling nut principal that allows the turns of thread to roll onto and into each other and not slide over each other, resulting in a distinct improvement in performance, which now reaches a maximum duty cycle of up to 80% while still using trapezoidal screws and nuts. In addition, allowing a larger reduction ratio without the use of an additional gearbox due to diameter differences between nut thread and spindle thread is a great benefit of the new linear actuator.

Nozdrive linear actuators are currently possible as 10/25/50 kN static load, 3mm/s linear speed using a TR30x6 spindle and steel nut, with strokes of 600/800/1000mm respectively. These actuators can be manufactured to your drawings.

Ball screws are replaced with trapezoidal threads, bronze nuts are replaced with steel and smaller motors are possible to due to increased efficiency. These Nozdrive linear actuators now expand their field of applications from the typical solar panel tracking movement they were specifically designed for.

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