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Magnetic Couplings from T.E.A. Transmissions Offer New Engineering Possibilities

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Following strong sales and feedback on the German market, T.E.A. Transmissions are adding permanent magnetic couplings to their product range.  

Magnetic couplings consist of opposing discs that are equipped with very strong rare earth magnets.  

The torque through the drive disc is automatically transferred to the other disc through the air gap.  

With no actual contact the magnetic couplings are highly efficient while eliminating wear, offering silent operation and reducing vibration as well as allowing for misalignment and torque transfer through walls.  

This eliminates the need for seals, removing the risk of contamination from one media to the next.  

In terms of misalignment an angular error of up to 3° and a parallel offset of up to 6mm can be achieved while retaining close to 100% of torque transmission.  

An additional benefit lies in the couplings’ double duty as a slip/ safety clutch.  

When torque limits are exceeded the magnets simply slip, protecting equipment and personnel without wear on the coupling or heat generation.  

The slip torque can be fine-tuned by adjusting the hub distance.  

Some applications of magnetic couplings include:

  • Driving a submersed pump or stirrer/ agitator from outside the tank
  • Driving compressors or ventilators in closed containers
  • Underwater torque transmission to propellers or robotic arms
  • Rotary indication in isolation
  • Replacement of traditional slip clutches and driveline simplification
  • Variable slip torque by adjusting coupling gap distance.

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