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DualVee Washdown Guide Wheels from T.E.A. Transmissions

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T.E.A. Transmissions , manufacturers of the original DualVee linear systems have introduced their new patent pending design Washdown Guide Wheels. The Washdown Guide wheels have been designed primarily to meet the demands of food processing equipment linear motion applications.

Applications in washdown environments experience frequent bearing replacement due to the presence of corrosive fluids and loss of lubrication within the bearing. DualVee Washdown Wheels can increase the replacement interval nearly threefold, resulting in less downtime, higher productivity and lower costs.

DualVee Washdown Wheels feature an all stainless steel construction complete with FDA approved grease, an outer shield, and inner seal for added protection from liquids and debris. The rubberised metallic outer shield acts as a momentary seal when subjected to a stream of high velocity washdown fluid, as the velocity causes the shield to deflect and conform to the metallic surface of the wheel, creating a seal preventing the liquid from entering the bearing.

The inner seal ensures the bearing retains the internal lubrication and provides the principle line of defence, both factors affecting the life of the wheel. Once the stream is directed away from the wheel, the shield returns to its original position, allowing any residual fluid that entered the zone between the shield and seal to drain out or be spun out by centrifugal force.

The Washdown wheels are interchangeable with the standard DualVee wheels for ease of replacement and are currently available in sizes 2 and 3.

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