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Cam followers and load runners available from T.E.A. Transmissions

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Available from T.E.A. Transmissions , cam followers, also known as a track followers or load runners, are specialised rollers or needle bearing rollers that have been designed to follow cams.

All cam followers can be track followers, but not all track followers are cam followers. Some track followers feature a specially shaped outer diameter to follow matching tracks. For example, track followers may have a flange to follow the lip of a track or feature a V-Groove for following a V-Track.

Cam and track followers are manufactured in a wide range of different configurations with their defining characteristic being how the cam follower mounts to its mating. T.E.A. Transmissions range consist of Plain or Flanged Stud styles; V-Grooved (70°, 90° and 120°) Stud styles; Flanged Crown; Plain or Flanged Yoke styles and V-Grooved (70°, 90° and 120°) Yoke styles.

All styles are available as eccentric (off centred shaft) or concentric (centred shaft). The eccentric style enables fine adjustment during installation to remove any backlash.

The treads of cam followers can be manufactured in materials such as Hardened Steel (Rc 55-60), Stainless Steel, Nylon, or Urethane. All stud styles are provided with high-shear-strength steel studs. The bearings of the cam followers are sealed and lubricated for life to withstand dirt, sand and moisture with a special "wash-down" option available in some sizes to withstand high pressure water jets. Nylon and urethane cam followers provide additional important performance features such as no lubrication/contamination, non-sparking performance, submersion or wash-down solution.

Load rails are available to suit the track followers with hardened contact surface and soft workable centres to enable customised track solutions.

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