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Cam Runners from T.E.A. Transmissions are basically different from conventional needle bearing style cam followers.

Cam Runners are manufactured with a composite synthetic tread and stainless steel stud. The composite tread consists of two different synthetic materials chosen to provide optimal characteristics for the outer wear surface and the inner bearing surface.

The two synthetic parts of the Cam Runners are moulded together to form a single mechanically bonded assembly that is mounted on the stud, eliminating the need for conventional seals and lubricants. The outer tread material offers high mechanical strength while the inner bearing material provides high lubricity.

The stud provides optimum life and corrosion resistance. Tread bearing wear is critically dependent on the hardness of the mating surface. When this assembly is used as a direct replacement for a conventional cam follower, the life will be optimized if the cam or other mating surface is within the range of 55 - 60 Rc. Softer or harder materials may result in decreased life, particularly under high loads.

This assembly is dimensionally interchangeable with conventional steel cam followers. Because of its unique construction, comparable load ratings are not applicable. In order to provide a guide in choosing applications, extensive testing on the Cam Runners has been completed to develop life expectancies based upon continuous duty testing at various speeds and loads.

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