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Syspro Software introduces financial health software for manufacturers

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Syspro Software  has released financial ratio analysis, designed specifically for gauging the financial health of small to mid-sized manufacturing and distribution organisations.

The financial ratio analysis software incorporates more than a dozen financial metrics, including efficiency ratios, profitability ratios, business activity ratios and liquidity ratios among others.

Syspro Software customers will gain the new functionality automatically as part of the company’s general ledger solution at no additional cost. All ratios are also available via standard reporting, as well as through executive dashboards that provide operational management with at-a-glance reporting and querying capabilities.

The new financial capabilities include a comprehensive set of standard ratio/metrics, as well as specific financial health monitoring/analysis capabilities geared specifically to the small-mid-sized manufacturing and distribution organisations served by Syspro Software.

For example, the working capital cycle ratio allows companies to easily monitor daily operating liquidity, while the Du Pont analysis enables public companies to measure the rate of return to stockholders. The library of ratios covers everything from inventory turnover analysis to payables turnover to debt ratios.

According to Shaun Butler, Syspro Software General Manager – Asia Pacific, “The added capabilities of providing business ratios to the general ledger without having to purchase an expensive business intelligence suite will be welcomed by CFO’s across our user base to enhance better decision making.”

“More than ever before Australian manufacturers are under cost pressures due to our strong currency and tight labour demand; Syspro Software's new capabilities enable companies to compare operating results with those of specific competitors or the industry as a whole.

“Managers can identify relative strengths and weaknesses and by comparing changes in a firm's ratios over time can identify opportunities for improvements and cost cutting.” Shaun Butler explained.

Brian Sommer, president of market research and analyst firm, TechVentive said, “The inclusion of financial ratio analysis as an out-of-the-box addition affirms Syspro Software's commitment to delivering value beyond accounting and transaction processing - it adds real business value and vision to ERP. This new financial solution is well suited for top executives as well as boardroom reporting, real-time performance monitoring, detailed analysis and what-if analysis."

Syspro Software’s more thoughtful approach to adopting new technology, such as web services and SOA platforms, also reflects the desires of its buyers who are driven by business needs and not by the news headlines. This exemplifies Syspro Software’s ongoing strategy of helping to simplify the success of its customers.

This proactive approach to adding enhancements removes the need of waiting months or even years to install a major release or expensive upgrade.

The company’s policy of delivering new features, functions and technology improvements through an ongoing cycle of scheduled automatic upgrades has won Syspro Software dozens of industry awards over its 30 year history.

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