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Syspro Software announces new Academic Alliance Program

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Syspro Software has announced the development of an Academic Alliance Program aimed specifically at educational institutions who wish to use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product suite as a teaching tool in their academic programs.

Syspro Software believes in the value of supporting individual personal development through education and training.

At a higher level Syspro Software also actively supports educational institutions in the delivery of educational curricula that directly support the development of operations and supply-chain focused programs; where these programs are aimed at expanding the body of knowledge, specific skills and ideal practices necessary to support the growing demand for qualified professionals in the fields of production and distribution management.

To support this philosophy, Syspro Software is providing educational institutions with the ability to access and use the Syspro ERP product suite as a teaching tool in their institutions with simplified and cost effective licensing.

Educational institutions will additionally benefit by having access to on-line product application and technical support, account management, documented implementation methodology, as well as copies of books published by Syspro press for faculty and student reference.

Ease of product installation and use means educational institutions can have teaching applications up and running quickly.

Students also benefit from the Syspre Software product suite in a number of ways. They gain hands-on real-world experience by using an ERP solution that supports the academic program's conceptual body of knowledge; and in today’s business environment, students who can demonstrate understanding and experience in using business software like Syspro, will be well equipped and are usually highly sought after resources upon graduation.

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