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Perfect Potion selects SYSPRO from ProActive Integrators

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Perfect Potion has chosen SYSPRO from ProActive Integrators in Australia for an integrated manufacturing system.
With a manufacturing inventory of 500 and a retailing arm of 800 products, Perfect Potion was in search of a flexible, integrated manufacturing system that could accurately track and record everything from its Bill of Materials (BOM) to the sales within each of its seven stores across Australia. 
Perfect Potion realized that as 20% of its manufacturing costs are held in raw materials, minute errors in percentages could start costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year without the right manufacturing system.
Being fully integrated, SYSPRO has given Perfect Potion complete control over the planning and management of all facets of its operations, including accounting, manufacturing, distribution and retail. With access to easy-to-view, real-time information, Perfect Potion can leverage SYSPRO to respond rapidly to changing circumstances, react quickly to customer demands, reduce operating costs through streamlined processes and workflow automation, and outpace the competition.
SYSPRO has also reduced inventory stock levels and improved forward ordering, and provides Perfect Potion with blanket purchase orders. In addition, triggers are set for purchasers and suppliers for arrival and deliveries of components and raw materials.
The modular nature of SYSPRO allows Perfect Potion the ability to select those functions needed to increase operational control and effectiveness as the business expands. In the near future, Perfect Potion will be launching the MRP planning module to create finely-tuned purchasing orders. This will ensure that precise orders are received from suppliers, making them 99.9% accurate and helping the company to further reduce its inventory stockholding levels.

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