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New upgrades to SYSPRO 6.0 version ERP Software

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SYSPRO, a leading enterprise business solutions provider, has released a significant upgrade to the new version of its product, SYSPRO 6.0.

The Service Pack 1 (SP1) release for SYSPRO 6.0 contains new functionality as well as further enhancements to the user interface.

This release also contains new modules to extend the already full-featured SYSPRO 6.0 product.

These modules include:

  • A trade and promotions module that facilitates management of prices, promotions and rebates;
  • A contact management module with tight integration to Outlook and other Microsoft applications, such as MapPoint;
  • A factory scheduling module based on the Preactor scheduler product;
  • A families and groupings module to assist forecasters to optimise inventory;
  • and the SYSPRO office integration module that enables users secure access to SYSPRO data using Microsoft Office products such as word and excel.

Advanced user interface enhancements include docking panes and role-based layout design that enable users to make effective use of the application workspace and a full-featured calendar.

This new release continues with SYSPRO’s published goal of making its software easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to maintain.

Phil Duff, CEO of SYSPRO, highlights the ease with which this release can be installed; “Despite the label of a service pack, the installation of this release is designed to minimise disruption to our users while bringing new and innovative functionality improvements to our client base.

"The SYSPRO product continues to evolve towards a more intuitive way of working that helps users to get the job done effortlessly.”

The new SYSPRO office integration module is a major highlight of this release, allowing even non-SYSPRO users to have remote access to SYSPRO data from Microsoft Office applications.

Built using new technology, this functionality is being made available at no charge to existing SYSPRO clients.

Shaun Butler, General Manager, SYSPRO Software, Asia Pacific, says, “This functionality, normally associated with Tier-1 products, has been developed using standard Microsoft technology that makes SYSPRO information available to the enterprise using secure web services.

Apart from making it easy to query SYSPRO data from within Microsoft Office applications, the view of information can also be customised to suit end-user requirements”.

SYSPRO’s user interface continues to undergo evolutionary changes with the introduction of docking panes and advanced list views.

“The new calendar, styled on outlook, is an example where SYSPRO is introducing a user interface that is familiar thereby allowing users to become quickly proficient in its use,” stated Shaun Butler.

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