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SYSPRO e.net solutions, a new software solution which allows manufacturers and distributors to make inventory and production data transactions over the internet, will be launched at National Manufacturing Week (NMW 2004) to he held in Sydney in June.

The software solution allows transactions within each part of the supply chain through secure Internet access or via a local wireless network.

The solution is suitable for medium to large enterprises. The software can also bring together data from single or multiple site operations.

"Sales reps querying stock and placing orders while on the road, checking a customer's account from a mobile phone, or warehouse stocktakes using a hand held PC, are just some of the ways that SYSPRO e.net can be used," says Paul Addison, managing director, SYSPRO Asia Pacific.

Warehouse orders can be fulfilled more efficiently using wireless handheld devices such as integrated bar-code enabled Pocket PCs. Employees can browse, select and post information directly from company databases in real time.

In the same way that a personal signature is needed for a delivery in a paper-based process, a Tablet PC can capture a signature image using handwriting recognition for receipt verification. The captured document is then transmitted back to the SYSPRO system resulting in real-time updates of the inventory delivery process.

SYSPRO e.net also simplifies the customer purchase process. Orders can be placed from online catalogues and tracked over the web. Purchases are processed in real time, including automatic updating of customer accounts and changes to inventory eliminating manual entry of orders which can be time consuming and error-prone.

SYSPRO's approach in providing these solutions means customers can now quickly deploy these systems in days instead of months and realise the business benefits faster and at significantly reduced cost.

Based on the Microsoft.NET architecture and the XML standard, SYSPRO e.net solutions is one of the first products on the market to leverage this framework. By using XML, SYSPRO ensures that its software can both receive and create documents and transactions in industry adopted standards.

"SYSPRO e.net is at the forefront of mid-market ERP companies. Manufacturers will realise that we have a more flexible solution with this combination of SYSPRO and Microsoft technologies," says Addison.

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