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Construction specialties Australia beats deadlines with SYSPRO

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CONSTRUCTION Specialties Australia is the local arm of the Construction Specialties group of companies - a specialist manufacturer and distributor of commercial architectural products, with 22 offices worldwide.

Like other suppliers to the building and construction industry, delivering customised projects to strict deadlines is critical to business success. With SYSPRO , Construction Specialties Australia has achieved a competitive edge and is now further expanding in the local market.

The Australian office has built its business in supplying specialist interior wall protection products. The company manufactures and supplies "Acrovyn" - a system designed to protect interior surfaces particularly in hospitals where surfaces can be damaged by trolley and wheeled-beds, as well as in hotels and office interiors.

Peter Watters, general manager for Construction Specialties Australia explains how every project is managed as a customised, one-off job. He says every job is individually specified.

According to Mr. Watters, each component is selected from a range of 60 colours and multiple profiles of perhaps four to five shapes.

With only minimal available inventory but a deadline-driven project requiring multiple items, Watters explains the importance of SYSPRO's 'Quotations & Estimating' (Q&E) and 'Landed Cost Tracking' (LCT) modules when the company wins an order.

On receiving an order, SYSPRO's "Quotations & Estimating' is used to automatically create a back order and bill of materials to show what inventory exists and what needs to be ordered, says Watters. This instantly flows through to creating purchase orders to obtain additional supplies from the US or Asia for the components his company doesn’t have.

Watters explains how the system allows the company to gain extra lead time resulting in a more competitive edge. He says his products are primarily custom profiled aluminium and vinyl-acrylic extrusions, with injection moulded components and sometime specialised paint or anodised finishes. While some of this can be manufactured locally, economies of scale dictate that investment in local tooling is not warranted. SYSPSO must therefore import many components and assemblies, says Watters.

SYSPRO provides the company with the ability to meet delivery dates and keep a close watch on a project's progress. The company is able to raise an invoice even before starting actual work- a particularly important feature in the construction industry.

Construction Specialties' - Australia success is leading to another phase of growth. Previously focused on interior building projects, the company is now expanding into supplying products for commercial exteriors.

From starting business with just three staff over 25 years ago, Construction Specialties Australia has grown steadily and is now regarded as a leading supplier in commercial building projects. With its growth, it use of SYSPRO has expanded, and this promises to continue with Construction Specialties Australia’s continued success.

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