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Barrett Communications utilises comprehensive ERP system from SYSPRO

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Specialising in long distance high frequency communications, Barrett Communications is a Perth-based manufacturer with an international reputation for high product quality, on time delivery and ongoing customer support.

Since the majority (98%) of Barrett Communications’ products are exported, the use of SYSPRO’s comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is invaluable because it tracks a customer’s order from receipt to despatch. This is especially important because equipment is supplied to some of the remote and inaccessible places in the world. Clients are scattered throughout several countries in the world and include the UN, international relief agencies, government organisations, multinational companies and peace keeping organisations.

SYSPRO enables necessary control over manufacturing and distribution process

Over the past five years, Barrett Communications has grown around 60%. With such significant growth, the decision was made that a more sophisticated ERP solution was required and hence SYSPRO was selected.

SYSPRO enables more control over the entire manufacturing process and automated test systems mean Barrett can maximise product quality with a rapid throughput. “The control over the manufacturing process that SYSPRO provides has improved our ability to respond to large requirements at short notice. This is particularly important in times of natural disaster or during humanitarian crises as high frequency communications are used as the main communication method and we need to get products out quickly,” said Bradshaw, Managing Director of Barrett Communications.

SYSPRO ERP solutions selected

The primary reasons for selecting SYSPRO were its functionality and windows capability. SYSPRO was scalable and suitable for an implementation that needed to start smaller and grow as required.

Also, SYSPRO ERP solutions fitted Barrett in terms of processes and accounting. Manipulating data and reporting was easy with SYSPRO, and this was seen as a definite advantage over competitive products. The output was user-friendly and the ability to drill down into product structures was more sophisticated in SYSPRO than what Barrett was used to.

When evaluating ERP solutions, Bradshaw said Barrett did all the usual things such as inviting the vendors in to discuss its product’s functionality., “SYSPRO suited Barrett‘s size and it was definitely targeted more towards the SME, and the support in the Eastern state was fantastic, which is something that is often difficult to get, even from some of the larger suppliers. Cost also came into it and SYSPRO was priced well - especially when Barrett looked deeper at the functionality it provided.”

The results speak for themselves

Whilst Barrett has experienced almost 60% growth over the past five years, a significant proportion of that growth has been over the past two years. Despite this growth, Barrett has not had to employ any additional finance or manufacturing staff and Bradshaw attributes this to the efficiency and ease of use of SYSPRO.

According to Bradshaw, “At first, the MRP process seemed a little more complex in SYSPRO but once we mastered it, we realised SYSPRO is a much better system. As a result of the functionality, we now have better forecasting, forward manufacturing and raw materials supply – we are more accurate across the manufacturing function which means we can be more competitive and profitable.”

The ability to look at various parts of the manufacturing process in great detail is also much easier with SYSPRO. This has resulted in Barrett becoming much more efficient. If there is a problem with a manufacturing process it is identified quickly and fixed immediately.

The tight integration across the entire SYSPRO suite of products provides Barrett Communications with the sophistication required to respond rapidly to changing economic conditions and ensure complete control over the supply chain.

The futureBarrett is excited to be implementing SYSPRO’s new version, Issue 010, which Bradshaw says will provide significantly enhanced reporting functionality. The new version has a vastly improved reporting module where custom reports can be more easily produced. This means Barrett will gain faster access to better information - resulting in even better decision making capability than it is currently experiencing.

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