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Sys-e Laser offers high quality fiber optic laser markers

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The YLP Series fiber optic laser markers from Sys-e Laser are high quality new generation marking systems. These fiber optic markers are developed and based on recent technologies and techniques. The YLP series fiber optic laser markers are ultra fine laser marker systems that can be available in five, ten and fifteen power ranges depending on the type of material customer wants to mark.

Sys-e Laser’s fiber laser markers have the unique feature of high electro-optic conversion. Compact design, air cooling, superior beam quality and high reliability are some of the other features of these fiber laser markers.

This ultra-fine laser marker from Sys-e Laser can easily mark on all kinds of metals. Even few non-metal materials can also be marked using these laser markers from Sys-e Laser. Sys-e Laser provides the fiber ultra-fine laser markers specifically to be used for various projects.

An ultra-fine laser marker from Sys-e Laser has a repeat frequency ranging from twenty kilohertz (KHz) to one hundred kilohertz. The linear speed of a fiber optic laser marker is normally less than seven thousand millimetres per second. Minimum character size that is marked by a fiber optic laser maker from Sys-e Laser is approximately 0.15 millimetres with the repeat accuracy of 0.003 millimetres.

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