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Plasma Cutting machines from Sys-e Laser

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Sys-e Laser  offers a wide variety of plasma cutters. Suda series plasma cutters from Sys-e Laser are provided with a high quality welded tube frame and a cast iron table. These plasma cutting machines provide superior quality plasma power supply and ensure high vertical accuracy cutting.

These plasma cutting machines from Sys-e Laser can easily cut any conductive metal. Sys-e Laser’s plasma cutting machines are ideal for ship building, HVAC, automobile panel or plate processing.

A plasma cutting machine from Sys-e Laser consumes approximately eight thousand watts of power and its motion speed ranges from twenty thousand millimetres to twenty five thousand millimetres per minute. This plasma cutting machine can cut up to the thickness of eight to ten millimetres to provide a unique effect to the material. However, maximum cutting thickness can go up to fifteen millimetres with a cutting speed of fifteen millimetres per minute.

Sys-e Laser offers some accessories with these plasma cutting machines such as five pieces cutting wire, one piece controller handle, one piece power wire and air plasma arc cutter, one piece compressor, ten pieces electric nozzles and one piece connecting cable is provided with a plasma cutting machine from Sys-e Laser.

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