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Timers under Syrelec from ITC Products

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Syrelec is a brand of ITC products that is well-known for providing a large number of high quality switches, timers and relays.The electronic multi-functional and multi-voltage timers offered under Syrelec are ideal to perform multi or mono function. These are rail mounting timers that are ideal to be used for various applications.
An electronic multi-functional and multi-voltage timer from ITC products provided under the Syrelec brand has a unique feature of connecting a solid and external power supply to the control input. It also has an ultimate three-wire sensor control option.

Analogue TMR de-energisation timers from ITC products are offered by ITC products under the Syrelec brand. These timers have a unique housing that is fourty eight millimetres long and fourty eight millimetres wide.

Syrelec comprises such timers that have two changeover relays with high capacity. These relays can perform various functions.

Apart from this a wide variety of Electronic Delay on Energisation timers, Star Delta timers, Electronic Recycling timers and Electronic True Delay Off timers are also offered by ITC products under the brand name Syrelec. All the products offered under the brand name Syrelec are highly efficient and durable.

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