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Vibratory Materials Handling Equipments from Syntechtron

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Syntechtron  manufactures and designs Vibratory Materials Handling Equipments in Australia and is a licensed manufacturer of FMC Syntron Vibratory Feeder which is used all over Australia.

Syntechtron products includes electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical feeders, vibratory screens and conveyors, vibratory stock pile reclaimers and flow gates. Syntechtron offers spare parts and service programs for most of Syntron drives.

Feeding from Syntechtron are classified into Electro Magnetic, Electro Mechanical and Rotary vibratory products.

Electro Magnetic products offered are Syntron Small light Feeders, Standard light Feeders, Medium and Heavy duty Feeders. Electro Mechanical includes Syntron RF Medium duty feeders and MF Heavy duty feeders.

Screening includes Syntechtron DS/VS Screens, Syntron Screening feeders and Link Belt NRM. Stockpile Reclaimers from Syntechtron includes Stockpile Reclaimer and Flow gates and Hopper Outlets. Conveyors are manufactured in two forms Vibratory conveyors and Spiral Elevators/Feeders.

Other products offered are Bin vibrators, Vibratory parts feeders, Paper joggers, Vibrating Tables and Volumetric Feeder Machines.

Syntron small light capacity Electromagnetic vibratory feeders are available in various models like Model F-T0 which has standard trough with maximum capacity of 500Kg/hour.

Applications of this feeder includes metering small quantities of dry materials. Model F-T01 capacity is 2 tonnes per hour and is suitable for long multiple drive units.

Syntron High stroke Electromagnetic Feeders brings flexibility in use and eliminates the problem of less advanced electromagnetic feeders. Syntron Heavy duty Electromagnetic feeders needs little maintenance and they eliminate lubrication.

Syntechtron Dual Rotary Vibratory Feeders are economical, simple to install, flexible, can be maintained at low cost.

Syntechtron Dual Rotary feeders provide maximum effect near the center of mass and also available with side mounted drives,construction of trough and wing plates is made simple, stronger and economical.

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