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Input output device from Synrax Australia

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Synrax Australia  offers a diverse range of embedded computing products across Australia. Synrax Australia offers a wide range of embedded computing products like tiny single board computers as well as large ATX style motherboards. Synrax Australia offers eBox-4851 which is a thin client PCs provided with an on-board flash socket that is compact in size. Synrax Australia in addition offers five hundred and twelve megabyte Random Access Memory (RAM), on-board audio, IDE connectors and wireless networking sockets along with eBox-4851.

Synrax Australia also offers complete range of peripherals under the brand name ICOP technology. An ICOP-0102 model of peripheral from Synrax Australia has twenty four bit digital input, output lines and a fifty-pin box header for an input, output port. Synrax Australia also supplies variety of LAN modules under the brand name COMMELL which is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality LAN modules. Vega86-6247-6S is a well-known single board computer series micro module that encompasses a real time clock with solid battery backup.

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