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THE LMR-10 electronic load monitor from Synctec enhances machinery safety and provides a modern solution for safe monitoring and protection of any motor driven machinery.

The device monitors true motor torque/power using proprietary circuitry that provides accurate, fast and linear response to all motor load conditions.

It can be used with any size motor, is easy to install and requires no special maintenance, mechanical alterations or wiring to existing equipment.

Used as a safety monitoring device the LMR-10 can detect small changes in machinery load conditions such as might occur if a machine becomes suddenly overloaded or jammed.

The LMR-10 is typically 10 times more sensitive than other monitoring devices because it senses motor power not just current. It is accurate, and responsive to even small changes in load power, and will automatically compensate for changes in power factor using proprietary circuitry.

The device has two built-in triggers, a high setpoint activates on increasing loads, while a low setpoint activates on decreasing loads. Individually programmable time delays are built into the system.

An analogue output signal (0-13V, 4-20mA) may be connected to external monitoring or recording equipment. The built-in load meter displays percentage load and operator setpoints providing accurate indication of the monitored process.

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