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article image Includes fast liquid freezing technology.

SYMETEC has introduced new technology to Australia and New Zealand with the Tomin Liquid Freezing System.

According to Symetec, the system is 20 times faster than blast freezing and 7-8 times faster than nitrogen gas freezing.

The most important part of the freezing process is getting through the 1°C -5°C temperature range. Approximately -2°C is the crystallisation point of water and the aim is to move past this temperature as quickly as possible to allow ice crystals to form and grow - with growth and larger ice crystals comes cell damage of muscle meats (beef, chicken, pork and seafood).

The faster this important temperature range can be crossed, the smaller the ice crystals are able to form in the shorter time - therefore, the less damage to muscle cells.

With cell damage eliminated, they don't release any water they are holding and so there is no loose water on defrosting.

With Symetec’s fast liquid freezing technique there is no additional air vapour/moisture frozen to the outside of the product (as in blast freezing) and so no extra water encountered on defrosting.

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