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Clean ultrasonic bakery cutting

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article image Replaces conventional saw-edged cutters.

SMEARED or compressed edges, and ragged edges, are common with present cutting methods.

Whether creamy, tough, baked product (hot or cold), wet dough, multilayered or homogenous - a clean cut is guaranteed using the ultrasonic cutting technique from Doinghaus, represented in Australia by Symetec .

Additionally, with the ultrasonic blade replacing conventional saw-edged cutters, crumbs are incredibly reduced or completely eliminated.

An electromechanical converter is used to transform high frequency electrical vibration into mechanical vibration at over 20kHz.

The force expended for the ultrasonic cutting blades is considerably less than for conventional cutting equipment and ultrasonic cutters thus remain sharper for longer - increasing productivity and reducing running costs.

All baked goods can be cut while still hot from the oven and so space consuming and energy robbing cooling conveyors can be reduced or eliminated.

Stainless steel is used throughout Doinghaus ultrasonic cutting equipment and with the self cleaning action of the ultrasonic cutters, this guarantees the highest levels of hygiene.

Doinghaus specialises in the integration of ultrasonic systems into existing production lines or the development and construction of whole production lines including the use of robots to orientate cutting blades.

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