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article image The V4 Stress Free Dough Feeder.

RHEON’S sheet line equipment, available from Symetec , features the original ‘Stress Free’ system.

This system allows the equipment to handle a very wide range of doughs - more than other machinery.

In particular, the Rheon equipment can handle very wet doughs of up to 86% water for Ciabatta production and other artisan breads.

The stress free system also does away with intermediate proofing - a process other equipment needs to allow time for the roughly treated dough to relax and develop further.

The V4 Stress Free Dough Feeder is a specially patented system of combining a gravity feed system with gentle shaping and patting equipment to produce a continuous block of stress free dough to the cross-roller, stretcher and down stream equipment.

The treatment and pressure to the dough is so gentle that the use of chemical additives is usually eliminated.

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