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Auto cookie cutting and traying equipment

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SYMETEC provides Doinghaus cookie cutting machines.

The machine’s cutting blade is a guillotine type blade but has a rotating action that avoids the sharp reversal of direction of a typical guillotine design.

This not only gives a clean and fast cut with less noise, but significantly reduces wear on the mechanics of the machine as well.

Depending on the product shape, different cutter templates can be used as a guide for the lengths of dough, which are fed by a wire mesh belt to the cutting blade.

All machine functions can be controlled from a single operating panel.

Doinghaus cutting machines and auto-traying equipment are extremely popular with Rheon encrusting machine users who extrude lengths of dough in different shapes and with mosaic patterns.

The continuous dough stream from the Rheon is cut to lengths best suited to their tray or rack sizes and these are frozen overnight for cutting on the Doinghaus cutting machine the next day.

This rewards the cookie manufacturer with considerable better definition of the mosaic patterns with no smearing that be obtained by cutting the raw dough unfrozen.

Additionally, the slice thickness is very precise, thus reducing give-away and allowing improved baking results from the oven.

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