Automatic buttering machines. benchtop forming and portioning equipment. bakery ovens, bakery mixes. batter, bread and inline continuous fryers.


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10/05/06 - RHEON’S bread and pastry equipment can handle very wet dough’s of up to 86% water for Ciabatta production and other artisan breads. The stress free system also does away with intermediate proofing - a process other equipment usually need to allow tim
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08/05/06 - SYMETEC provides Doinghaus cookie cutting machines. The machine’s cutting blade is a guillotine type blade but has a rotating action that avoids the sharp reversal of direction of a typical guillotine design. This not only gives a clean and fast cut
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08/05/06 - SMEARED or compressed edges, and ragged edges, are common with present cutting methods.Whether creamy, tough, baked product (hot or cold), wet dough, multilayered or homogenous - a clean cut is guaranteed using the ultrasonic cutting technique from D
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14/12/05 - THE Euroven Tunnel Ovens, available from Symetec, bake a wide range of food products. They resemble pizza ovens, however, various belt types and other minor differences set the Euroven Tunnel Oven apart from other ovens.
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