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Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage API’s plans released

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oo Symantec Corp. has released the plans to offer a new application programming interface

(API) called the Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage API, designed to allow intelligent disk devices to integrate natively with NetBackup, the market-leading enterprise backup and recovery product. Customers will benefit by being able to adopt innovative disk devices that deliver seamless connectivity and management with NetBackup.

Integration between intelligent disk devices and backup software has been a challenge for the industry. Since major backup applications have not provided a purpose-built API for integration to date, it has been difficult for intelligent disk backup devices to offer advanced functionality beyond basic interoperability. The NetBackup OpenStorage API will change the landscape by allowing intelligent disk device vendors to natively integrate with NetBackup to deliver a seamless and more functional solution for customers.

The NetBackup OpenStorage API is planned to allow NetBackup to treat disk as disk and specifically enable the following disk-based backup features:

High-speed backup and recovery to intelligent disk devices over Fibre Channel or IP connections;
Disk sharing and virtualisation, allowing a pool of disk to be shared by multiple NetBackup Media Servers, the virtualisation enables Media Server load-balancing, high-availability, and failover;

Better utilisation of disk by leveraging the single-instance-storage capabilities of partner devices;
Backup image replication between multiple data centres for disaster recovery or electronic vaulting, eliminating the need to ship, encrypt, or store tapes;

Duplication of backup images from disk devices to tape for long-term archiving, leveraging a NetBackup Media Server;
Simplified management, allowing a single NetBackup policy layer and catalog to control both backup/recovery.

According to Symantec, intelligent disk providers want to enhance their solutions to meet customers' growing backup and recovery needs and provide more advanced disk-based data protection capabilities, including single instance storage and backup image replication. With the introduction of the NetBackup OpenStorage API, these providers will be able to enable their intelligent disk devices to take advantage of the high-performance data protection, recovery, and management capabilities of NetBackup.

According to Enterprise Information Assurance, Clipper Group, a technology consultancy and advisory firm, there is a growing need in the market for technologies that help reduce complexity. This will be the first solution available that leverages the performance and features of disk storage devices while also enabling NetBackup to control various advanced backup techniques via a single interface.

To benefit from the new NetBackup OpenStorage API, Symantec currently offers a software development kit (SDK) and training to partners through the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP). The OpenStorage API is scheduled to be generally available as part of NetBackup 6.5 in mid- 2007, at which time several OpenStorage partners will have devices available in the market to leverage the API. Customer opportunities to jointly beta-test NetBackup 6.5, the OpenStorage API, and OpenStorage partner devices will be available in the first half of 2007.

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