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Sylvania Lighting Australasia’s SYLrecycle lamp recycling program

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Fertiliser and housing insulation are but two of the by-products produced through the new SYLrecycle lamp recycling program from Sylvania Lighting Australasia .

As a society we continue to look for ways to reduce environmental impact, ensuring the survival or the planet for future generations. SLA‘s new SYLrecycle program now provides a safe and environmentally friendly lamp recycling opportunity.

Because of the small amounts of mercury used in fluorescent lamps, it is important to ensure that these lamps are disposed of responsibly and don't turn into landfill and cause health and environmental problems.

Providing a start to finish service, Sylvania's SYLrecycle lamp recycling program ensures that all lamps are converted into safe, reusable materials for the building, health and agricultural industries. Each lamp is initially crushed before the endcaps, glass and phosphor are isolated. The phosphor then undergoes a mercury recovery procedure, safely capturing the hazardous metal.

The SYLrecycle lamp recycling program is available for all fluorescent lamps up to 1500mm in length and for all HID and Compact Fluorescent lamps.

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