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Contractor self priming pumps available from Sykes Group
23.11.2010 - Available now from the Sykes Group, the Contractor Advantage range of true self priming pumps has been designed to offer greater cost efficient fluid handling solutions for users.
Grindex submersible pumps available from Sykes Group
22.11.2010 - Sykes Group are suppliers of Grindex pumps, a range that needs no introduction in the construction and mining industries and a name that is synonomous with top of the line submersible pumps.
Dragflow agitator slurry pumps from Sykes Group highly effective in moving solids
17.11.2010 - Now available from Sykes Group, the Dragflow agitator slurry pump is especially designed to move dense slurries and pick up sediment all in one operation.
Sykes Dredge Pumps now available from Sykes Group
16.11.2010 - Designed and manufactured by Sykes Group, the Sykes Dredge Pump is breakthrough technology for shallow water dredging.
Pump selection made easy with Sykes Group
22.01.2010 - Sykes Group have launched it’s new and improved Pump Selection Program designed to make selecting the right Sykes Pump for individual applications simple.
Larger Perth premises for Sykes Group
21.01.2010 - As Sykes continues its growth by supplying more pumping equipment into the Western Australian mining sector, the need to keep pace has seen a requirement for larger premises.
Customised pumpset drawings now available to customers from Sykes to ensure maximum product quality
14.01.2010 - The Sykes Group production and manufacturing department are now able to issue customers with full 2D and 3D colour arrangement drawings of their individually customised pumpsets.
Sykes Group exhibit product range world wide
13.01.2010 - Sykes Group is involved with mining on an international scale, and recently attended the Indonesian Mining show in Jakarta to showcase products suitable for many of Indonesias large mining projects.
The Sykes CP150iC automatic priming pump offers an effective sewer pump backup solution
12.01.2010 - The Sykes Group's CP150iC Olympic Pump range provides cost efficient, user and environmentally friendly, fluid handling solutions for sewer pump backup systems.
New generation of Grindex drainage pump offering increased durability and longer life, now available from Sykes Group
11.01.2010 - Now available from the Sykes Group, a new generation of drainage pump from Grindex offers increased durability and simplified service for a longer life.
Queensland coal mine colour codes HH220i high head pumps for quick unit identification
08.01.2010 - The Sykes Group can supply HH220i high head, high efficiency skid based pumps that are capable of flows exceeding 200 litres a second at more than 100m of total dynamic head.
Sykes diesel engine control panels move into the future
07.01.2010 - Pump and pumping equipment specialists, the Sykes Group have now standardised their engine control panel to provide greater ease of use and consistency across their entire range.
Dewatering packages from the Sykes Group used for civil works
06.01.2010 - The Sykes Group supply water authorities and councils with dewatering packages including Quiet Solutions Pump Sets and Trimwell Wellpoint Dewatering Systems to complete civil works required in shires.
Sykes Group release FBP300 mining pumps
05.01.2010 - The new FBP300 mining pumps from Sykes Group have been released and have been well received within the market place.
Larger Perth premises For Sykes Group
21.12.2009 - As Sykes continues its growth by supplying more pumping equipment into the Western Australian mining sector, the need to keep pace has seen a requirement for larger premises.
Sykes Group win NSW Business Chamber Export Award
21.11.2008 - Sykes Group, a Cardiff based manufacturer of auto-prime dewatering pumps, were awarded the Excellence in Export Award at the 2008 NSW Business Chamber Awards. Sykes Group now exports pumps and related equipment around the world and are continuously f
Sykes Group HH220i Pump
06.11.2008 - The HH220i with its oil lube bearings and mechanical seal can run with no servicing required for long periods of time.
Large Advanced Manufacturer Award for Sykes Group
16.10.2008 - Sykes Group, Cardiff-based manufacturers of auto prime dewatering pumps, were awarded the Large Advanced Manufacturer Award at the 2008 Premier’s NSW Export Awards.
Quiet Solution pumps available from Sykes Group
29.08.2008 - Sykes Group provide sales and distribution services for a range of Quiet Solution pumps.
Blast cages available from Sykes Group
21.07.2008 - Sykes Group was recently approached by one of its mining customers to assist in solving the age old problem of how to avoid damage to pumpsets from rock fallout during blasting. Sykes Group was able to provide a blast cage to suit specific requiremen
Quarrying company in Zambia uses Sykes Group’s pumps
10.07.2008 - A notable quarrying company based in Zambia, Central Africa, contacted Colin Bracken, Sykes Group’s Regional Manager, Africa, to provide it with a complete solution to its pit dewatering problems.
Sykes Safeway’s Solingo VMS boards for Roadsafe
08.02.2008 - Sykes Safeway in New Zealand has assisted Roadsafe in creating a safer worksite for its employees and the public through the purchase of six Solingo VMS boards.
Sykes’ pumps used in flood relief efforts in Queensland
07.02.2008 - Over the past few weeks towns and surrounding properties in Queensland, Australia have been hard hit by flooding.
Sykes Group to display specialised mining pumps at AIMEX
17.07.2007 - Sykes Group will display a Himax HH220i auto-prime pump designed specifically for mining applications on Stand R122 during AIMEX 2007.
Sykes custom built pumps to be used by Intermat Tahiti
20.03.2007 - Intermat Tahiti, one of the large machinery suppliers to the territory have placed orders for a range of Sykes custom built pumps as well as a number of Grindex submersible pumps.
Hand held remote from Sykes
19.03.2007 - In response to requests from the mining industry, Sykes engineering have developed a remote start option to suit any model in the Sykes Pump range.
Spare parts kits at a discounted price from Sykes
16.03.2007 - Sykes are offering Spare Parts Kits at a discounted price if they are purchased at the same time as a pump.
Yakka100 and Yakka80HH pumpsets from Sykes Yakka
15.03.2007 - Sykes Yakka range has expanded with the arrival of the Yakka100 and Yakka80HH.
Sykes Acoustic pumpset shortlisted for Australian design awards
05.03.2007 - Sykes Yakka150 acoustic pumpset has qualified for the shortlist stage of the Australian design awards.
Solingo 2400e introduced by Sykes
02.03.2007 - Sykes Safeway has responded to market demands with the development of the new Solingo 2400e.
HH220i High Head auto-prime pump from Sykes
28.02.2007 - Sykes HH220i, 200mm (8”) High Head auto-prime pump offers discharge heads to 138m and flows of up to 282 l/second.
Sykes FMX150i pumps used for dewatering in Doha International Airport
17.01.2007 - Over 140 Sykes FMX150i pumps are currently in use onsite to constantly dewater the construction site for the new Doha International Airport.
Ann Dobb retires after 32 years with Sykes
15.01.2007 - Sykes’ long standing employee, Ann Dobb, retired last month after 32 years with Sykes Group.
Sykes XH150 extra high head pump available
07.12.2006 - A leading QLD coal export operation has designed a unique pump setup to supply water for use at the wash bay and other services around the mine.
Sykes vac tanker vacuum prime wellpoint pump released
06.11.2006 - Sykes vac tanker automatic, vacuum prime wellpoint pump is designed for use in noise sensitive areas. Sykes vac tanker is ideal for wellpoint dewatering applications, the vac tanker has automatic priming and repriming at suction lifts to 9m.
Sykes pumps assist in Auckland port project
03.11.2006 - The Sykes Auckland team has again been able to assist Fletcher Civil with the Axis Fergusson Container Terminal Extension Project.
Trim-Well wellpoint dewatering system from Sykes
02.11.2006 - Sykes Trim-Well wellpoint dewatering system is lightweight, corrosive resistant, and incorporates control valves to trim and control the dewatering process.
Xtra high head pumps
01.11.2006 - Sykes range of Xtra high head pumps is perfect for highwall mining applications. With the depth of operations, water management is critical in highwall mining, making pump systems a priority. Any mismanagement of water could result in workings being
Compact auto-prime pump set
29.06.2006 - SYKES' Yakka150 is a compact, auto-prime pump set enclosed in a purpose-built modular canopy -- a strong, robust, and resilient unit. The Yakka module is comprised of a rotationally moulded enclosure
Slurry pumps give material no rest as they agitate mine tailings
20.03.2006 - According to Sykes Pumps, control of mine tailings water is made simple with the Dragflow agitator slurry pump.
Speed advisory sign
08.03.2006 - SYKES’ new Safeway Speed Advisory Sign is a portable, trailer mounted speed detection display, which gives the driver real-time feedback of their vehicle's speed as they approach the sign. With a high
Trailer mounted sign
06.03.2006 - SYKES’ new Safeway trailer mounted sign, the SOLINGO 2400 uses LED Pixel technology for intense character and image illumination. The display is highly visible in daylight, dawn, dusk and dark, in all
Heads up on new pump range
19.10.2005 - Sykes says its new range of Xtra high head pumps have the lowest shaft stiffness ratios in the industry, which is critical in variable and demanding pumping applications.
XH Series pumps designed for the mining industry
21.09.2005 - IMPROVEMENTS in technology have resulted in mines being cut deeper, which is pushing the boundaries of existing equipment. There are pumps in the industry that are manufactured overseas and are unable to cope with the strains and demands associated w
Sykes’ Olympic pumps will reduce fuel costs
21.09.2005 - MOST solids handling or ‘trash pumps’ are great for moving liquid with solids due to the open impeller design. The open impeller allows the solids to pass through the pump and into the discharge hose. Sykes’ Olympic pump range not only pumps ‘dirty w
Mt Arthur Coal primed for sociability
10.08.2005 - Sykes Group and BHP Billiton have designed an efficient and environment friendly water management system for the Mt Arthur Coal operations in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
Hydraulic pumps for underground drillers
16.06.2005 - SYKES Group has a range of solids-handling pumps with hydraulic drives, suitable for the underground drilling market. The pump set can be mounted on the back of the drill rig with only the suction hose sitting below the drilling face.
Solar traffic lights
18.10.2004 - SYKES’ solar traffic lights are now approved by the Roads and Traffic Authority.
Auto-prime solids handling pumps
26.08.2004 - THE Sykes Group has launched a new range of Olympic pumps, drawing on the experience and the requirements of a demanding industry base whilst recognising changing environmental attitudes. "Sykes has developed the Olympic range with our customers requ
Auto-prime, solids-handling pump
12.08.2004 - SYKES, a market leader in providing cost effective fluid handling solutions for the mining, construction, industrial, municipal and rental industries, has released the new Olympic pump range. The Olympic range has drawn on the experience and the requ
Automatic self prime diesel pump
20.10.2003 - PUMPS in Sykes’ XH range operate at standard engine speeds to achieve maximum delivery heads of 185m.
On-site traffic safety system
26.03.2003 - SYKES Safeway ‘Safe Stop Sign’ allows traffic control staff to work from a safe vantage point, out of the direct line of approaching traffic, and control traffic on the site in safety. The Safe Stop sign is useful where temporary traffic control is r
Sykes Pumps appointed Versa-Matic distributor
01.08.2002 - VERSA-Matic and Pumper Parts have joined forces with Sykes Pumps Australia. Sykes managing director Jon Collins was on hand to sign the national distributor agreement with Versa-Matic vice president, Nick Dorsch.
Efficient and reliable sludge pump
07.06.2002 - SWEDISH pump company Grindex, represented in Australia by Sykes Pumps, has introduced the latest addition to its Tuff line of submersible pumps -- the Tuff Solo, a sludge pump, unique in its design. Built to the same high standards, the Tuff Solo has
Sykes eliminates water carryover
07.05.2002 - WITH the endless advantages automatic self-priming pumps offered the end user, the one disadvantage was water carryover into the vacuum pump lubrication oil. Sykes Pumps has now eliminated water carryover with the introduction of the Vacuumax (VMX) a
Portable lighting towers
17.01.2002 - SYKES Pumps Australia has added portable lighting towers to the Sykes Safeway product range. Managing director Jon Collins confirmed the Sykes Daymaker had joined the existing stable of products manufactured and marketed by the Sykes Safeway product
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