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Sykes range of Xtra high head pumps is perfect for highwall mining applications. With the depth of operations, water management is critical in highwall mining, making pump systems a priority. Any mismanagement of water could result in workings being flooded.

With tunnelling into the highwall being carried out at the bottom of an existing open cut mine, the performance requirements of the pump can be demanding. The static head is high, with mining operations often taking place at a depth of around 120m depending on location. The suction needs to be deep enough to cope with surge capacity and resulting high suction lifts.

Sykes pumps are auto-priming making set up and relocation simple. Sykes pumps are mounted on the bank, providing easy access with only the suction hose in the sump. There is no need for construction or relocation of walkways or lifting frames, nor for large cranes to reach pumps mounted in the sumps, where access can be highly restricted due to OH & S.  

The Xtra range requires little maintenance. Along with being auto-priming, the Xtra range offers oil lubricated bearings, and a Glycol lubricated and cooled mechanical seal, which require minimal servicing.

Sykes Pumps offer options including telemetry and re-fuelling systems, which are necessary for highwall mining, and are generally not available on hire pumpsets. Sykes Xtra range is available with 80mm, 100mm and 150mm connections, discharge heads to 245m and flows to 150 l/sec. The range also offers NPSHR characteristics, making the range suitable for any highwall mining application.

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