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article image The portable Safeway Speed Advisory Sign.

SYKES’ new Safeway Speed Advisory Sign is a portable, trailer mounted speed detection display, which gives the driver real-time feedback of their vehicle's speed as they approach the sign.

With a highly visible display, it can reduce speeding and provide safer roads and streets.

The sign has a high visibility, wide viewing angle LED display. The speed displays three characters at 400mm high in addition to up to four lines of message.

The speed display is constructed with over 6144 LEDs full matrix so that it is visible in direct sunlight at a distance of over 350m.

With multiple threshold speed settings, the sign can be adjusted to allow for excessive speed cutoff.

A feature of the new sign is the ability to use the entire screen for text or graphics at the excessive speed cutoff stage.

The control panel is simple to use with a push button menu for selecting speeds and messages.

The message table has the capacity for eight user defined messages, which are selectable at sign or remotely via modem. New messages can be created with Microsoft paint to suit traffic conditions.

The see-through design will not block the motorist's view of pedestrians and children so it is ideal for speed limited zones.

This sign can be permanently mounted to provide driver feedback in school zones or problem black spots reducing average driving speed and improving driver awareness.

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