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Solar traffic lights

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article image Visible in direct sunlight and though thick fog.

SYKES ’ solar traffic lights are now approved by the Roads and Traffic Authority.

The TLT3S is fitted with radios that use an encrypted transmission protocol and a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) which has a self-selecting frequency of 915MHz to 928MHz. This allows the lights to work in close proximity to another set of traffic lights without interference.

The frequency hopping allows for a better wireless link. Communication between the transceivers is secure coded to a specific destination using MAC addresses embedded in each transceiver, so they will only communicate between the designated master and slave units and will not be affected by other radios working in close proximity.

Features include cost-effective, automatic solar recharging allowing unmanned operation with no engine maintenance or fuel costs. They also have push button electronics and self-diagnostic fault indicators. The light lanterns are fitted with gas struts for easy lifting. They can be towed together or separated by a car or truck with a tow coupling. One person can set up a light, which will then run silently 24 hours a day. The work zone red light indicator is visible in direct sunlight and though thick fog.

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