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Hydraulic pumps for underground drillers

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article image Sykes solids-handling pump.

SYKES Group has a range of solids-handling pumps with hydraulic drives, suitable for the underground drilling market.

The pump set can be mounted on the back of the drill rig with only the suction hose sitting below the drilling face.

Should a rockfall occur, the only item to get damaged is the suction hose.

The Sykes Himax and Primax pumps are designed to run dry and in ‘snore’ conditions without taking damage. Once enough water becomes available, the venture priming system evacuates the suction line of air allowing the pump to prime and start removing the water.

The priming system can either be run from the mine’s compressed air supply, the drill rigs air system, or a belt-driven compressor on the pump.

Other advantages the Sykes pump offers over traditional electric face pumps are:

* Larger solid handling capacity - from 22mm to 90mm solids depending on the model.

* Lower wear rates - due to the slower running speeds required by the Sykes pumps.

* 316 stainless steel wear parts as standard- Other materials available on request e.g., high chrome cast steel, CD4MCu, etc.

* No more motor rewinds from water ingress.

A typical model for this duty is the HH80-4P which will provide 10L/sec at 38m TDH while running at 1450rpm. This is very similar to a typical 8kW electric submersible face pump performance.

However, the rpm is half of the electric pump, which equates to six times less abrasive wear.

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