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Compact auto-prime pump set

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article image Lightweight and manoeuvrable.

SYKES' Yakka150 is a compact, auto-prime pump set enclosed in a purpose-built modular canopy -- a strong, robust, and resilient unit.

The Yakka module is comprised of a rotationally moulded enclosure and an integral roll cage which serves as both an acoustic barrier and as a means to protect the unit from vandalism and extreme environmental conditions.

The unit is lightweight and offers excellent manoeuvrability. It has been designed to suit the requirements of most applications suiting a 6" pump, including; mining, construction, sewer bypass, and hire applications.

The enclosure enables easy access for maintenance with gull wing doors and low internal sides giving unparalleled access to the engine, pump set and control systems. The module comes with a single point lift allowing for simple removal of the canopy for major servicing.

The Yakka150 can be mounted on either a sled base for mining applications or integrated onto a trailer for multiple site relocation.

Designed to operate unsupervised over extended periods, the unit incorporates a 200+ litre fuel tank allowing for 30-hour operation at full load (WMR) at 1800rpm. All controls are situated inside the lockable module allowing for the user to 'set and run', eliminating the need for after hour surveillance.

The Yakka150 pump offers increased flows, reduced fuel usage and solids handling capabilities. The pump has a stainless steel impeller and wearplates as standard and is accredited to AS9002 standards.

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