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Blast cages available from Sykes Group

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Sykes Group  was recently approached by one of its mining customers to assist in solving the age old problem of how to avoid damage to pumpsets from rock fallout during blasting.

High Head Mining Pontoon Mounted Pumps are often left in place in High Wall sumps when blasting takes place and have traditionally been protected by means of a solid 6mm canopy covering the engine.

As pumping technology improves and ancillary software and devices installed onto pumpsets to monitor flow rates, pressure, temperatures, shutdowns and telemetry improves, it has become necessary to protect these items from damage. The cages also act as a deterrent to vandals, as well as protecting the unit from day to day damage.

Sykes Group’s solution was not a new one as it has been building cages and canopies around pumpsets for years. However, these cages, around the entire pumpset, needed to be engineered to ensure complete protection from fallout of large rocks and debris during blasting.

Sykes Group was able to provide a blast cage to suit specific requirements, while access to the equipment was also not comprised.

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