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STIHL High Pressure Water Blaster available from Sydney Tools

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Sydney Tools  stocks 'domestic home range' of high pressure cleaners with advanced features including:

  • Compact design for mobility around the domesticated area
  • Include fan jet nozzles with variable speed water pressure ratio
  • Includes a stack of attachments
  • Attachments are easily detached by a press of a button
  • Advanced German Engineering
  • Low maintenance
  • Models include: STIHL

Compact nozzle system with push-in coupling: The push-in coupling makes changing nozzles and accessories a quick and simple matter.

Accessory holder: Spray lance, high-pressure spray gun, hose and both standard and additional accessories are always stowed away neatly yet immediately on hand when needed, thanks to the practical holders.

Anti-twist coupling and quick-release coupling: The anti-twist coupling finally makes it impossible for the hose to become twisted. The quick-release coupling allows the high-pressure hose or a high-pressure hose extension to be connected in a flash, thus ensuring optimum freedom of movement.

Rotating spray lance: The rotating spray lance ensures that the high-pressure jet is always directed exactly as required for comfortable ergonomic working.

Compact nozzle system with bayonet coupling: Nozzles can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the compact nozzle system with bayonet coupling.

Integrated hose reel: Winding and unwinding the hose is particularly easy with the hose reel. The high-pressure hose is not only steel-reinforced and therefore particularly stable,9m on the 127 PLUS ensures an extremely large radius of action.

Automatic power off: The automatic power off function ensures that the motor only runs while the spray gun is being actuated. That saves electricity, reduces wear and ensures less stress through less noise.

Compact nozzle system with push-in coupling: The rapidly rotating pencil jet produced by the rotary nozzle is ideal for overcoming stubborn dirt. The fan jet is ideal for cleaning large surfaces gently yet thoroughly.

Detergent spray set: The detergent spray set simply plugs into the spray lance. Detergent can be mixed into the water jet as required when attacking particularly stubborn dirt.

Compact nozzle system with bayonet coupling: Quick, simple, functional, the compact nozzle system with bayonet coupling makes nozzle changes an easy mater even if the nozzle has to be changed frequently.

Hose reel and accessory holder: You only unwind as much as is momentarily needed. The hose length of up to 10m ensures sufficient freedom of movement. And the accessory holder keeps the high pressure spray gun, spray lance and nozzles tidily tucked away.

Integrated detergent tank: The supply of detergent can be varied as required when tackling particularly severe or stubborn dirt.

High-pressure hose extension: The high-pressure hose extension enlarges your radius of action for cleaning. Reinforced with steel or textile mesh, in various lengths from 7 m to 20 m, with screw coupling or quick-release coupling.

Angled spray lance: Ideal for tackling corners and niches. Makes child's play of cleaning such inaccessible areas as roof gutters.

Water filter: The water filter reliably protects your machine against dirt from the water supply and ensures a long service life. Particularly recommended when drawing water from rainwater tanks.

Area cleaner: For quick and easy cleaning of large surfaces of different types, such as wood, concrete slabs or rough substrates. The required flexibility is assured by ergonomic handles, an adjustable joint and a lance extension.

Cleaning set: the ideal cleaning set for all events. Even delicate surfaces can be cleaned with the fan jet nozzle, while the flat brush with wiper and high-pressure nozzle make light work of cleaning large sensitive surfaces and the angled nozzle (90°) drives the dirt out of the most remote corners.

STIHL Water Blaster HighPressure Cold Water Cleaners

  • RE 107
  • RE 117
  • RE 127 PLUS
  • RE 162 K

STIHL Professional Universal Vacuum Units

  • SE 121
  • SE 61

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