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Nail guns available from Sydney Tools

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Choosing a nail gun

When there is a need to fit a nail, a hammer is reached.  There is even a convenient claw lift on the end of it that removes or corrects.

But when there is a need to fit a lot of nails in a short time, one reaches for a nail gun. A quality nail gun will fit thousands of nails daily with precision and accuracy assuring a fast outcome.

Sydney Tools  provides information and service required when buying a nail gun. The different types of nail guns provided are: 

Electric power nailers guns:

There are 2 basic different types of electric nail guns used today. They are determined by the type of magazine style where the nails are held and the types of nails that are used.

  • Coil nail gun - these nail guns use long type nails joined with wire threads and flexibly stringed. These type nails are stored in a magazine (casing) in the nail gun. The magazine is there to roll the nails, allowing a maximum of 350 nails to be in the nail gun at a time.
  • Stick nail guns – These nail guns take long thinner Nails and sit in a magazine (case) within the body of the Nail Gun. These Nails are collated – which means are held together by either plastic, paper or thin type wire. These nails can vary in length from 20mm to 40mm size nails.

Different type of applications:

Electric nail guns can be used in any type of construction work. Some models are used in small, tight confined spaces and others are larger sized and are used for high power, high density spaces.

  • Framing Nail Guns – Are designed for fastening larger material and are commonly used in high volume applications.
  • Finishing Nail Guns – Are commonly used in Cabinet fit outs, furniture, molding and trimming applications and are generally lighter weight.
  • Bradders, Tackers and Staple Guns – These are commonly used is precison type work and are also generally lighter weight for increased comfort.
  • Roofing Nail Guns – Are obviously designed for roofing applications.

Air Nailer Guns:

Also known as Pneumatic Nails Guns. These are common Nail Guns used in all industries. They are attached to an air compressor through a hose and fitting. When the nail is fired a valve opens in the nail gun and air then fills the cylinder. The piston in the cylinder moves at a rapid pace downwards, releasing the nail into the material. Automatically the nail gun has re-loaded for its next hit.

When purchasing an air compressor for a nail gun you must check the specifications on the nail gun including PSI and CFM(meaning power). The air compressor must be the same size as the PSI and CFM (power) or larger. Do not buy a smaller air compressor because than you will be due for a new one too often.

Cordless GAS Nail Guns:

A modernised Gas Gun. Recently invented a few years ago, these tools have the same power ratio as any air nail gun but without the extra hoses and air compressor. These nails guns use flammable gas to drive the nails into the material.

Disposable gas canisters or Fuel Cells can be purchased in value packs and are inserted into the Gas Gun. The gas allows the nail to explode dispensing the nail. These nail guns must be cleaned every time after application (just a simple wipe) to keep them operational.

Gas nail guns are commonly used in hard to get – tight spaces, less volume nailing applications and high construction places where there is no electricity.

Nails and Staples – What fasteners to use:

Nails used for nail guns are formed in 3 ways – Formed buy wire, glue or paper.

A lot come as clipped heads – which allows nails to be fired along side each other in a straight line. Others are secured by strands of long bendable wire. All include a layer of adhesive. This is a safety feature for when the material being fired at becomes heated up the lubricated adhesive will cool it down.

All Nail Guns require one specific type nails. This will be illustrated when purchasing or usually marked on the tool. The sizes of the nail will vary depending on how large you choose to purchase the Nail Gun


Safety is a big aspect when dealing with Nail Guns.

  • You must always read the instructions on the tool if you have never used that particular brand before.
  • Always wear work safety complied sun glasses shades and gloves.
  • Sydney Tools will supply you with all required safety equipment.

Sydney Tools is a supplier of Nail Guns, Staple Guns, Air Tools and Air Compressors of major brands including Airco, Bostitch, Senco, Duo Fast, Paslode, Hitachi, Makita, Pilot, Peerless, Abac, Airmac and Scorp.

Nail gun types available are:

  • 0.6 Headless Bradder
  • 0.8 Headless Bradder
  • T Nailer
  • C Bradder
  • C1 Bradder
  • DA Bradder
  • Angle Finishing Nailers
  • Coil Nail Guns
  • Concrete Nailers
  • Finsihing Nailers
  • Flooring Nailers
  • Framing Nailers
  • Gas Nail Guns
  • Staple Guns
  • Hard Steel Brad Guns
  • ND Brad Guns
  • Pneumatic Air Ringer Staple Gun

Air Compressor types available:

  • Air Compressor - Dental - Surgeries
  • Air Compressors - Basic Range
  • Air Compressors - Belt Driven
  • Air Compressors - Diesel
  • Air Compressors – Petrol
  • Pumps
  • Rotary Screw Driven
  • Silenced
  • Refrigeration Cycle Dryers - For Screw Compressors

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